Harvey & Harmony (1:00) Doggy speed dating and what it can lead to.

 Dine in the Dark (:30) An Australian PSA about “dine in the dark” dinner parties, fund-raising with guests blind-folded to raise awareness of the challenges facing vision-impaired people.

Dog Years (4:00)  Sam Hearn’s voice-over of this grainy film is a hilariously low-key depiction of the thoughts of a dog who questions the frequent absences of his owner.

Beta (13:00) Jon Lefkowitz creates a delightful tale of a newly weds and a newly adopted dog, raising the question of whether our dogs can understand us and what they are saying in return.

Firing My Dogs (2:00) Humorist Merrill Markoe (who created the “Stupid Dog Tricks on the David Letterman show) brings her dark humor to this “home movie” chronicling the whims of the very rich.

Ziggy (13:00)  Marian Dealy’s cautionary tale of what can happen to people who do not meet all the demands of a cheeky little Chihuahua.

#lakehollywood (6:00) Rachel Sondag’s quirky modern love story about a new couple and where his dog fits in their relationship.

Toby (9:00)  Corey Sherman’s mockumentary “biography” about two brothers’ obsession with their Golden Retriever, Toby, which drove them around the bend.

Rewind (4:00) Razor Jane’s music video starring her own very unusual dog, who has to run away from home to find out the true value of his first human love.

La Vie D’Un Chien (The Life of a Dog) (13:00)  Director John Harden’s sci-fi film set in Paris, 1962. A lonely scientist devises a formula that transforms him into a dog, and creates a social revolution, taking the idea of “man’s best friend” to a different place.

The Shelter Project PSA (3:00) Prince Lorenzo Borghese from “The Bachelor” falls in love this time around in a surprising way.