After the annual premiere in New York City, Tracie Hotchner takes the NY Dog Film Festival around the country each year, showing two different film programs. 

Programming subject to change 


PROGRAM #1   “EVERY DOG HAS HIS DAY"  (93 minutes)

A Dog's Life (8:00) Pieter Vandenabeele’s winsome animated interpretation of an ordinary day in a dog’s life.  Esther - Saving Castaways (6:00) Andrew Wright’s documentary chronicles the successful rehabilitation program of inmates training unwanted dogs and how an unlikely union brings out a change in character for both.  Riders of the Arctic - (26:00) Hilse De Groote’s coverage of Finnmarkslopet, the biggest dog sledding race in Europe, focussing on.the bond between the dogs and their mushers.  Well Groomed - (8:00) Rebecca Stern takes us on a psychedelically hued journey into the colorful and passionate world of competitive creative dog grooming.  Killing Me Softly (3:00) Deirdre Mendoza's comedic imagining of the conflict in a Los Angeles dog park when Lotus - a man-bun-sporting, flirtatious shaman - brings along his less-than-friendly dog.   It's a Potcake Life (30:00) Evelyn Osorio Vaccaro’s heart-breaking and heart-warming account of the indigenous dog of the Bahamas, called Potcakes, and the happy endings facilitated by an island of dedicated rescuers.  Fospice Dog Sid (3:00) Maggie Amiano’s documentary about Sid, a little old sick dog, who was adopted so he could have a happy last chapter in his life.  Imperfect Adventure (5:00) Mallory Paige’s documentary of setting out to become the adventurer she'd always envisioned, riding a motorcycle-sidecar across North America, with only her dog for company,  Ooh la la (1:00) Erika Fischerkeller’s witty short animation explores the relationship between males, females and dogs. Inspired by the French Poodle.


Unexpected (2:00) James Lee’s delightful animated story with an unexpected ending!  I Rescue Senior Dogs (5:00) Elizabeth Howe’s biographical documentary about Sherri Franklin, the founder of Muttville, the rescue for senior dogs in San Francisco Elvis: The Lonely Hunter of Circle Beach (5:00) Matt Hulse’s bizarrely hilarious mockumentary about the precarious survival of the "beach bagels" and the tenacious little dog who threatens their existence.  You Don't Know Jack (3:00) Tom Corwin’s documentary about a beagle named Jack, rescued from a meat farm in South Korea,who found his way to a loving Bay Area home thanks to the Marin Humane Society.  Why We Want a Dog (2:00) Alison Locricchio’s animated “home video” made by kids wanting to show their parents that they deserve the dog they’re dreaming of.  Dogs of Democracy (57:00) Mary Zournazi’s documentary juxtaposes the kindness and hope of Athenians toward stray dogs, and how Greeks themselves have become the ‘stray dogs' of Europe, with focus on one particular dog, Loukanikos, who was at the front line of the protest marches and became a heroic symbol of protest. About a Dog (16:00) Mollie Fitzgerald’s charming story about an antisocial book editor, who unexpectedly and reluctantly has to foster a dog, an experience that brings her out of shell and introduces her to love.  Shit Happens (2:00) Joan Caspi’s comedic use of a mime to show what happens when you don't "Pick It Up!"  Dame Mitt Hund (1:00) Sonja Rohleder’s beautiful little work of animated art.