SUNDAY NOVEMBER 3RD, the 5th Annual NY Dog Film Festival Returns to its Hometown


Take a sneak peek at what's waiting for you!


A portion of every ticket benefits the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals


Program #1 - “Puppy Love” (1 hr 17 min)

NOBODY LOVES ME LIKE MY DOG (2:00) a music video from Goofball Island about the special way dogs love their people. RIVER MOJO (7:00) Russell Biggs’ documentary about his quest to travel the Alaskan wilderness by boat with his Newfoundland. GRATEFUL TAILS (11:00) Penny Eizenga’s look at the profound attachment in life - and in death - between several people with deep bonds with their dogs. MUTTVILLE LOVE STORIES  (7:00) Jane Goldman’s documentary “love letter” to Muttville, an amazing rescue for old dogs in San Francisco. DOG GONE (7:00) Tommy Wooldridge’s story of what happens when a bumbling cartoonist loses his dog and has to get creative in the frantic search to find his furry best friend. GREYHOUNDS OF THE SUN (13:00) Alex River’s documentary about a couple who move to Spain and dedicate their lives to rescuing the thousands of abandoned Galgos hunting dogs. SEPARATE VACATIONS (3:00) Anne Lewis’ animated look at how a dog feels when his person tries to leave him at a kennel and go on vacation. MIKE & ABBIE (7:00) Mutual Rescue’s real story of Mike, who lost everything, but found himself again through the love and example of his dog, Abbie. VANCOUVER DOGUMENTARY (17:00) Melinda Friedman’s portraits of 4 passionate dog owners in dog-friendly Vancouver. GO GO GO (3:00) Jose Macerola & Huxley Studios snapshot portrait of a woman devoted to her Husky sled dogs.

  • Program is subject to change without notice.


Program #2 - “Man’s Best Friend” (1 hr 15 min)

’LIFE-LOVE DOGS (1:00) opening montage from the full-length documentary. KEEMA & HER PACK (10:00) Mutual Rescue's story about a popular New York City dog walker who overcame childhood trauma when she discovered the unconditional love of many, many dogs. FETCH IN 50 (6:00) Trevor and TJ Olwig’s story of a dog’s point of view as he and his man set out to play fetch in 50 states. COOKING WITH DOG FOOD (3:00) Nathan Ceddia’s humorous look at a man who wants to become as fit and handsome as his dog, so decides to start eating dog food, too. THE LUCKY ONES (35:00) Ryan Pratzel follows the uplifting story of the long-distance efforts by Lucky Dog Rescue as they transport unwanted dogs from Puerto Rico and South Carolina to waiting foster and adoptive homes at their Washington D.C base. BITCHES AT BEACH (Chiennes a la Plage) (6:00) Sean Cassels’ hilarious vignette from the point of view of two dogs spending a summer weekend in the Hamptons. DOG IN THE WOODS (5:00) Paul Jason Hoffman & Christian Chapman‘s surreal film capturing the sensory experience of a dog who leaves her house to explore the woods, made over a 2 year period by more than 20 international artists from Bulgaria to Australia. PIP (4:00) Southeastern Guide Dogs & Studio Kimchi’s animated tale of a puppy who longs to become a guide dog.  YOU GET ME (2 min) Jacob Goldberg (Inexora Media) & Tony Daniels’ music video by Cassandra Kubinski and Tony Daniels celebrating the love between dogs and people. LIFE LOVE DOGS (3:00) closing montage from the full-length documentary.

  • Program is subject to change without notice.