- Dogs Allowed in This Theater - One $5 dog ticket gives your dog entry to both programs

Sunday, October 14th @12:30pm & 2:15pm

WHERE: Admiral Theater - 2343 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

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A portion of every ticket will benefit Pasado’s Save Haven

DFF #2 “LIFE WITH DOGS” Program Descriptions

[There is no nudity, sexual reference, vulgar language or physical or verbal abuse between people - and no animals were harmed - in these films. Any tears you might shed would be tears of joy for happy endings. The films can be watched by all members of the family, but are intended for adult audiences - with sophisticated ideas and subtle themes.  The programs are best for more mature children who may be accustomed to “foreign-type” films.]

PROGRAM #1   “LIFE WITH DOGS"  (1hr 19min) @12:30pm

HARVEY & HARMONY (1 min) Doggy speed dating and where it can lead.

BETA (13 min) Jon Lefkowitz creates a delightful tale of a newly weds and a newly adopted dog, raising the question: can our dogs understand us and what they are saying in return?

FIRING MY DOGS (2 min) Humorist Merrill Markoe (who created the “Stupid Dog Tricks on the David Letterman show) brings her dark humor to this “home movie.”

ZIGGY (13 min)  Marian Dealy’s cautionary tale of what can happen to people who do not meet all the demands of a cheeky little Chihuahua.

DOG YEARS (4 min)  Sam Hearn’s voice-over of this grainy film is a bizarrely funny depiction of the thoughts of a dog who questions his owner’s frequent absences.

REWIND (4 min) Razor Jane’s music video starring her own very unusual dog, who has to run away from home to find out the true value of his first human love.

LA VIE D’UN CHIEN (The Life of a Dog) (with subtitles) (13 min) Director John Harden’s sci-fi “film noir” set in Paris, 1962. A lonely scientist devises a formula that transforms him into a dog and creates a social revolution.

MY TRAIL DOG  [5 min] Dean Leslie’s lyrical look at a man who runs the Alps for the joy of it, with his devoted dogs.

DENALI  [8 min] Ben Moon honors Denali, his husky-pit mix.

WALKIES IN THE WIND [1 min] Toby Mattison’s charming animated film.

BISCUIT [5 min] The most fearlessly athletic little dog you’ll ever meet.

ONE MAN & HIS DOG  [4 min]  Dean Saffron’s look at one Australian man’s joyous skateboarding lifestyle with his Samoyed.

PROGRAM #2   "WHO RESCUED WHOM?"  (1hr 18min) @2:15pm

FOR THE LOVE OF DOG  [9 min] Kylie Cushman’s charming documentary that stylishly looks at the various ways British dog owners describe their love for their dogs; THE PRESENT  [4 min] Jacob Frey’s animated story about a boy and his dog that will take you by surprise; NOBODY’S PERFECT  [7 min] a touching documentary about an Australian couple whose pack of dogs each his own disability but “carries on regardless;” AWESOME LIVING WITH ANDY  [7 min] made by sisters Patricia Denys & Mary Holmes, a documentary tribute to their darling disabled dog Andy, who does just fine in his canine “wheelchair;” DOGS IN THE PEN  [12 min] Penelope Laurence’s documentary of a special program offered to female inmates to train shelter dogs as service animals;  STEADFAST STANLEY  [4 min]  John Kim’s powerful animated film about canine loyalty; PUP CULTURE  [10 min] Elle Marsh’s documentary about the delightfully odd ways that dogs are part of life in Melbourne, Australia; LOVE UNLEASHED  [14 min] a happy-endings documentary by Kacey Klonsky about senior dogs; IF I COULD TALK  [7 min] Ben Moon on the appreciation of a rescued dog.

*Programming subject to change



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